Taormina, or the Seven Wonders of my Heaven on Earth

It is the place one thinks might exist only on the glossy covers of famous magazines. You know, those pictures they show us to explain what the real heaven looks like.

But this miraculous beauty does exist in the real world of ours and its name is Taormina.

Taormina means the hot breath of the volcano, the fresh sea breeze, lemons painted on the Sicilian ceramics, the charm of the light performing on the sea waters at sunset, the sound of a Verdi’s opera in the shadow of the ancient Greek amphitheater, the blur silhouette of the Isola Bella and the cableway disappearing in the twilight. These are the Seven Wonders of my earthly heaven.

This place is one of the most incredible pearls of Sicily situated on its eastern coast half way between Etna to the Mediterranean sea.

Is you are not a professional sea-goer at the very beginning Taormina beaches might seem not very comfortable: the huge stones are very painful to walk or lie on. If you are also a poor swimmer, just like me, you’d better be very careful entering the sea: it gets very deep immediately by the shore.

But if you are ready and willing to forget about disputable inconveniences or you can swim like fish, you will certainly appreciate the crystal-clear water, incredible fragrances of this place and the beauty of Sicily in its zenith.

By the way, Taormina is the perfect place for those who like to relax on the beach, dive in the sea and are ready to discover and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of this land.

Taormina is a bomboniera, as they call it here in Italy. This term is used to describe small elegant gifts made by newly weds and received by their guests at the end of a wedding party.

Taormina is the best gift Sicily can make you and you can make to yourselves.

My special gratitude for the discovery of this magical place and the wonderful memories about the time spent there goes to my dear husband Machs Gut ©.

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