Fado, or the Portuguese Anguish

They have the sun and the sea, or, to be more precise, the ocean, the amazing nature and history … so what do these Portuguese have to be anguish over, you might be asking yourselves. Probably, they themselves do not have a proper answer to this question, a proper explanation to this overwhelming saudade of theirs that tears apart the Portuguese soul with its powerful nostalgia of love and desires. This sentimental anguish of the brave travellers and explorers can be read on their lips and can be easily distinguished in the melodies of Fado.

Fado and Lisbon, the birthplace of the unique music genre, are synonyms. The are each other’s soul, a perfect couple, inseparable lovers. Lisbon lives in the rhythm of Fado, breathes in the notes of its melody.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese capital is not at all a sad city, on the contrary, it is charming and mysterious.

Here the Past holds the Present by the hand. Here, from the windows of a legendary yellow tram of route 28, you can observe the elderly residents listening attentively to the noise of the wheels on the rail, to the steps of the life itself passing by, slowly as ever.

Lisbon is the city of ultimate romantics looking in the direction of the ocean from the Belem Tower and dreaming of unforgettable trips and unbelievable discoveries.

Lisbon is the city of artists of life, connoisseurs of food and wine, pleasure and quietness, lightening up the streets of the Bairro Alto neighbourhood with the brightness of their burning hearts.

Lisbon is a memory of the destinies of its Moorish emirs and Portuguese emperors ruling the country from behind the walls of the majestic St. George’s Castle dominating the city from one of its hills.

Lisbon is a christian relic of the amazing Sè Cathedral and impressing architecture of the Jeronimos Monastery hosting the tomb of the glorious Vasco da Gama.

Lisbon is the record of the terrifying earthquake of 1755 and the heroic work to reconstruct brick by brick the destroyed buildings of the capital restoring and multiplying the beauty of the beloved city.

Lisbon is the sea breeze, fried codfish and sparkling rosé wine, it is the freshness of a summer night, breathtaking views and charming sounds of Fado.

It is a place that conquers at first sight and reminds of itself in the moments of  sadness and in those of enthusiasm. It is a city of thousand faces and love confessions, the city you dream of returning to to see one more time the place where Europe reaches its limit and meets the infinity of the Atlantic ocean.

DSC05412 (2)
view over Lisbon from St. George’s Castle

Fado is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. You can enjoy the very special charm of this unique genre in the so-called
case du fadothe houses of Fado. After listening to Fado for the first time you will get enchanted by its beauty and power once and forever. Fado can help you understand the culture and the soul of the hospitable and laborious Portuguese people, experience their anguish and, maybe, solve the mystery of the attraction this place exercises on its visitors.

Lisbon was the first destination of our honeymoon. Going back there remains one of our sweetest dreams. Meanwhile, we keep on looking through the pictures my husband Machs Gut © took of Lisbon remembering that very special time we spent in the capital of Portugal.

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