It is Time to Rev Up your Engines!

Italy, a nation in love with life, hungry for pleasure, connoisseur of fashion, beauty and taste, talented in every art, passionate, curious and adventurous, is also a nation deeply charmed by the competition, by the rumble of motors, by the speed.

Here are my top 3 iconic motor museums to visit in Italy and my top 3 iconic motorsport competitions not to miss.


1. Museo Ferrari in Maranello

It is your entrance ticket to the magic world of Ferrari. There’s no better place for those already in love with the legendary Prancing Horse and there’s no better place to fall in love with it. At first sight, obviously.


The museum is a gallery of numerous victories and successes, a tribute to epic wins and heroic victors, the champions of all times, and, of course, the unique collection of Ferrari sports cars and Formula 1 bolides, a triumph of design and engineering genius of Ferrari.



The experience of visiting the museum is immense and overwhelming. Here you can see, watch, listen, wow! and, of course, purchase every kind of merchandising products and try your pilot skills on a Ferrari simulator. 

Outside the museum numerous private agencies offer a chance to live the excitement of driving one of Ferrari’s sports cars. Watch out for the prices, though!

2. Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena

The museum tells the story of the legendary Enzo Ferrari, the father of the myth. It is modern and futuristic and, at the same time, manages to take you back in time to where it all began. A logical continuation of the exploration of the Ferrari world.


IMG_5252 (2)
Note: It is possible to visit both Ferrari locations on one day. If you stay in Modena and plan to use public transport to reach Maranello, check here for some useful information on how these two locations are connected.

3. Museo Tazio Nuvolari in Mantua

A tiny museum that contains an infinite story of the immense Italian racing champion Tazio Nuvolari. One of the greatest and most legendary drivers in the world, Nuvolari wrote the history of Italian and international racing, breaking every scheme, writing his own victory scenarios, both dramatic and exiting. 





1. 1000Miglia

This year one of the most spectacular and renowned races in the world is 90 years old. Born as a long distance race along the roads with regular traffic, in the course of these years it became something more, a chance to celebrate one’s passion and respect towards the motor world, an important show in the world of engines that takes place on Italian stage, being one of its most representative international calling cards.

The original racetrack starts from Brescia, heads in the direction of Rome and then back to Brescia again, where a museum dedicated to 1000Miglia was inaugurated in 2004.

2. MotoGP Italian Grand Prix in Mugello

One of the steps of the world MotoGP championship that takes place at the beginning of June at the Mugello circuit, among the Tuscany hills not far from Florence. 

3. Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix in Monza

One of the most evocative Formula 1 races is disputed in the town of Monza not far from Milan at the beginning of September, a truly breathtaking racing show.

It is amazing how much Italy has to offer, able to satisfy every taste, any expectation and surprise even those who think to be prepared for everything. Italy is all to discover, to drive around, to get excited about and, of course, to fall in love with.


It there were a race for the title of the most beautiful country in the world, Italy would be very tough to overtake. 

Photo credit: Machs Gut ©.

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