If you plan to spend your summer vacation by the sea in Tuscany, one of the most charming areas to discover is undoubtedly Maremma.

Here in Maremma it is possible to enjoy the clean air of the macchia mediterranea, the evergreen shrubland Mediterranean biome with its splendid pine forest running long the coastal line of the region, the crystal waters of the Tyrrhenian sea best resort locations, the sweet nature outlined by picturesque hills, numerous vineyards and cypress tops. And here in Maremma it is possible to taste some of the most renowned excellencies of the unique Italian gastronomic tradition.

And if after a long day of relax by the sea or a swimming pool of a charming agriturismo, a rural tourism farmhouse, you are looking for a pleasant walk and a surprising cultural experience, there’s plenty of options to choose from here in Maremma. Here we go with only some of them.

  1. Grosseto, Maremma’s main city, jealously protects its historical centre like a jewel enclosed into a perfectly preserved medieval walls erected by the Medici family in the second part of the 16th century. The charming streets of this tiny gem, its Dante Square adjasent to the imposing building of the city’s Cathedral are especially busy in the morning and in the afternoon when the hot summer sun grants some rest to their numerous shops, cafés, restaurants and the city’s residents and visitors.


2. Castiglione della Pescaia, Maremma’s famous seaside resort, welcomes its visitors with the infinite blue of its sky and the fresh air of the surrounding pine forests. Its busy summer life is well protected by the 15th century castle and its surrounding infrastructure that dominates the town from behind its high protecting walls. It is exactly from here that you can admire the unique costal line of Maremma and the infinity of its sea.

3. Porto Santo Stefano, the main town of the earthly paradise of Monte Argentario, offers its visitors numerous options for truly unforgettable summer relax among some of the most amazing naturalistic scenarios and views of the area, splendid sea and numerous seaside activities. If you plan just a short excursion to this tiny Mediterranean port, you will certainly enjoy a walk along its charming seaside promenade and a climb till the Spanish Fortress dominating the city from above.

4. Talamone

5. Pitigliano
6. Sorano

7. Capalbio, or the little Athens of Tuscany, is one more medieval town on top of the hill overlooking the surrounding olive groves and the horizon line drowning in the sea. Capalbio is not only a pleasant walk and a stunning view that opens from its high defensive walls, it is also the proximity of some great beaches, the WWF oasis of lake Burano and the weird and fabulous Tarot Garden.

8. Montemerano is a charming medieval borgo that hides behind its thick walls the marvel of one of the most beautiful squares in Italy – piazza del Castello. It is particularly picturesque in spring when the flowers in blossom colour the streets of the town and fill them with dozens of scents and the sound of the bea buzz. Montemerano is also a perfect spot for some pleasant culinary discoveries.

9. Massa Marittima, one more hilltop medieval town that charms with its proximity to the sea and offers a shadowy shelter for those trying to escape the summer heat. Almost lethargic in winter, it wakes up with the opening of the bathing season that is, by the way, around the corner.

  1. Natural wonders of Saturnia Termal Baths, Maremma Natural Park and Mount Amiata, each of which can both surprise and please, especially if you plan your visits carefully and taking into consideration the time of the year and equipment. For example, one of the most recommended periods to visit Maremma Natural Park is either before or after the nasty mosquitoes start bothering the area. Or, for example, if you plan to ski on Mount Amiata in winter, make sure that your car tires are as well prepared for the snow as yourselves.

The amazing locations mentioned above are but a try, a tiny bite of Maremma. This amazing region has much more to offer starting with its stunning islands and beaches and finishing with the charming tradition of Maremma cowboys called butteri and numerous gastronomical festivals held in the region throughout the whole year. Thus, a vacation in Maremma can certainly satisfy every taste and expectation.

Photos credit: Machs Gut (c)


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